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Welcome to our Webpage.  Learn more about our History, Products, and Owner by clicking on any of the bullets in the upper left hand corner above the phone numbers.  Also, we'd love to see pictures of your horses on our facebook page:

To our East Coast customers looking for our products at your local feed store, please contact our new distributor, Co-operative Feed Dealers, Glenn Wolfe, to let us know your address.  We want to provide you TNT products at a feed dealer in your area.  (Glenn Wolfe, 607-651-9078,

Heartland States:
American Midwest Distributors (Steve Calder,;

Family Center Farm and Home

Upper Mid-west:  Archer-Daniel-Midland stores (Nathan Kurfman,   and/or

Leo Windschitl, )

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Monday, September 25, 2017